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COUNSELLING - Our school cares for the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all its stakeholders. Hence, a Counselling cell is functioning in our school under the guidance of the experts. The cell will deal with normal developmental issues such as stress management, emotion management, character formation as well as mentoring under their guidance.

 - Any student vulnerable to physical illness within the campus will be given first aid medication in the medical room. The case will immediately be informed to the parents / guardians. In serious cases, the students will be taken to the nearby hospitals and will be taken care of until the arrival of the parents / guardians. Expenses of the hospital shall be met by the parents / guardians. 


General or individual grievances of the stakeholders of the school, especially of the students, girls and women will be genuinely and seriously addressed by a team of teachers presided over by the Principal and will take all necessary and immediate steps for its redressal. Any kind of child abuse or its attempt, sexual or other harassment or its attempt etc. shall be reported or complained to this forum