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स्रष्टून् स्रष्टुम् (Sanskrit) (“Srashtoon Srashtum”) “To Create Creators”

With resolute conviction that education is for creating creators and not consumers, both the disciple and the Guru in its process being the Image and Likeness of God, the Creator as well as humanity as a whole has been divinely assigned with the task of filling and subduing the universe and hence cannot but innately be creators and thus His co-creators, envisioning our every progeny dynamically and productively partake in fashioning the universe ever fresh, we shouldered a celestial vocation - establishing and running a top- rated academic institution in a rural area for faultlessly producing infinite tiptop creators to stimulate accomplishing the divinely assigned human task and hence, the motto.



Considering desire as primary motivation for the generation of narratives is a useful concept.