• Pupils should greet teachers on their first meeting on each day. Pupils coming before school time should remain in the classes, learning their lessons in silence.
  • It is compulsory that all pupils and teachers should attend the Morning Assembly. No pupil is allowed to leave the campus during school hours. Parents should not take their children back home without prior sanction from the principal. Parents are advised to send their children to the classes with texts and note books to suit the day’s time table.
  • Books and other articles should bear the name of the owner. Any damage caused to the school property will be made good from those responsible. Parents are not expected to enter the class room without permission.
  • Complaints and petitions should be channelled to the Principal.

• Regular attendance is compulsory. When leave becomes unavoidable, the reason there of should be stated in the diary bearing signature of parents.
• Pupils absenting themselves without leave for 15 days continuously will be removed from rolls.
• Medical certificate is essential for granting leave exceeding 5 days.

• Normally, Promotion to higher standard will be given to those pupils having at least 80% attendance & 50 % marks in the annual examination. Proper weightage will be awarded to terminal examinations and continuous assessments. However CBSE norms for promotion will be strictly adhered to.
• Progress of the pupils will be recorded in the Progress Report for parents to acknowledge.
• The right to expel a pupil from the school is vested in the principal. In such cases parents can appeal to the management. The decision of the management shall be final.

The school gives importance to the Regional and National languages. However, the medium of instruction is English. Therefore, the School insists children and teachers to use English as Campus language.

Students shall bring the School Diary on all working days. It is the major means of communication between the parents and the school. Parents are free to write to the principal in any language, about matters related to the School and their ward. It will be given due attention.

Parents are advised not to send their children for unskilled, time consuming private tuitions. However proper academic support from any corner is welcomed, provided the child shows specific progress and proper motivation from the same.


T. C. will be issued after 10 days on request of the parents at any time during mid summer vacation and on payment of dues if any.

During mid session TC will be issued after 10 days on request of parents only under highly pressing situations like transfer of parents, medical treatment etc. with the permission of management on payment of course fee in full.

In normal cases, application for TC from Classes X and XII will not be entertained. Also after registration with CBSE, TC will not be issued from classes IX and XI.

As per CBSE norms TC of a student whose name is registered for Board Examination may be issued only with the permission of the Chairman of the Board.