A team of senior students has been carefully chosen and appointed as prefects. They will be in charge of the general discipline inside the campus and will assist in the conduct of all the extra curricular activities of the school. The prefects will be provided with identification badges and all the students of the school are expected to follow the directions and instructions given by the prefects. 


    SUPW is the short form of Socially, Useful and Productive Works, which is part of curriculum. All the students of these classes will be asked for time to time to engage themselves in activities useful for the school and for the society in general. Their activities may be limited to the School campus or spread outside to the nearby villages. All the SUPW volunteers, whenever they are given any kind of responsibility, are expected to carry it out with all sincerity.

    The school has a program of study tours which provide the children with opportunities to visit places of historical, educational or ecological significance. The amount to cover the expenses will be collected at the time of the tour which usually falls in the second term of the academic year. Short study trips also will be arranged occasionally.

     In order to enable the student to achieve the integration of education and cultural values with a true philosophy of life, the school provides ample opportunities to the students for co-curricular activities through the Literary Club, Science Club, Yoga, Karate, Instrumental Music, Audiovisual Theatre, Quiz, Arts, Sports, Games and Study Tours